Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I want to live in this video...

This familiar video intro belongs to Vestron Video, a company that was considered to be a pioneer in the early VHS home video market. Vestron even played a big part in distributing many of the Cannon Films movies we hold so dear to our hearts. Presented today is not only the awe-inspiring, earth-shattering VHS intro you might remember, but also 3 other entrancing versions of it as well. God bless whoever did this. Someone had the brains and the balls to go ahead and tweak the intro a bit, providing a sped-up version, followed by a slowed-down version and last but not least, a backwards version of the crushing intro.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


As the end of each year approaches, TNUC Enterprises continues to be surrounded by John Candy films. Aside from the obvious Thanksgiving theme in Planes, Trains and Automobiles, for some reason most of his movies fit most comfortable and work so well around the holidays.

Released in 1989, Uncle Buck shows Candy playing the most sincere and genuine character he's ever played in a movie, and he does it with ease. You instantly fall in love his character and everyone I know can always associate Buck with someone they know in their lives. The combination of John Hughes's writing and John Candy's on-screen abilities delivers an untouchable realness that so many filmmakers fail to accomplish these days (be sure to read our post about John Hughes too)

Hugh Harris - Rhythm Of Life [Uncle Buck] by Uncle TNUC

This song is pulled from the epic final scenes of Uncle Buck, when Buck says his goodbyes to the young girl in the film and gives one of the finest freeze-frame faces ever to be captured on screen. Not many times in cinema does an actor deliver a performance where you forget at times that he/she is really acting. Hugh Harris's 'Rhythm Of Life' will surely get your heart pumping and make you want to raise a holiday beer in the air. The piano intro, pummeling drums and unexpected saxophone are so powerful that they leave many people weeping a little as they see Buck take a final bow before the closing credits arrive.

Thanks John. This holiday beer is for you.

Thursday, November 18, 2010


New full length album out December 13, 2010
Limited to 500 copies

TNUC is pressed for time at the moment, so we'll let the music do the talking. Usually a smart idea when it comes to listening to a new record from Steve Moore. Stream two tracks from this release:


Sat Nov 13
Brooklyn Bowl
Brooklyn, NY
(opening for Psychic Paramount and Maserati)

Bowling, Beers, Babes and Sheer Terror!

The patrons inside the Brooklyn Bowl thought they were just out for another night of fun, laughter, and live music.....the ones that survived will never forget that terrifying evening.

It was just another typical fall saturday night at the alley. The bar was packed, the lounge was occupied by beautiful women, and the lanes were crowded with bowlers and onlookers. The dance floor in front of the stage was packed with all walks of life displaying their favorite dance moves. As the house music faded and lights dimmed to a faint glow, a certain unease filled the air. The silhouette of a man crept out from the shadows of the stage and took a seat behind an array of keyboards. The sounds that began unfolding out of these machines stopped the patrons and bowlers dead in their tracks.

The unnerving sounds and pulsating rhythms were being produced by none other than Steve Moore himself. Instead of performing songs from his vast catalogue, Moore created one long movement that was equal parts Unsolved Mysteries and dance floor worthy. Some were so frightened they could not move and others became possessed by the beat. Either way, he captivated the alley by inducing the people in a trance.

Here at Camp TNUC we are big supporters of Steve Moore and all his efforts, but can you imagine the people who had no idea what they were about to experience?! Even as a fan you can never be too sure......I'm sure a few high games were jeopardized and first dates became real creepy. However this is right up our alley (no pun-intended)

I wonder if he considered playing the soundtrack to the bowling horror film, 'Gutterballs', as his alter-ego Gianni Rossi?

-Guest Author: Jared Haselton a.k.a. Relax English

Monday, November 15, 2010


Face it, you've heard the song 49,876 times. But have you seen this...

Press play and hold on to your privates...

First of all, he's singing THE greatest montage song ever created by man. Robert Tepper EXPLODES in this performance of the classic song from Rocky IV with a full dosage of ol' 100% pure adrenaline...with maybe some cocaine sprinkled on top, lets be honest. This electrifying performance with facial expressions that would give Gary Busey a run for his money, also comes complete with pelvic thrusts, a mullet that should require some sort of permit, fog, extreme fist-pumps, strobe lights and a guitar solo that makes my fingers burn just watching. Personally, I haven't been to enough Bobby Tepper concerts to tell you if each and every performance is like this one.

Start paying immediate attention at around the 2:43 mark in the clip. Tepper slows things down, moistening some panties of the crowd and questioning in his mind about how much white lightning he has left in the dressing room. Then its time for him to turn things back up. Now watch closely at his ability to bring things back to the absolute rampage that is this performance. With a menacing look on his face and an epic left-handed fist-pump, he reclaims his title for COOLEST MAN ALIVE.

Saturday, November 6, 2010



From Cinefamily.org...

What’s cooler than a strikingly hot Helen Slater as a teenage Texan Joan of Arc in a a ripped-sleeve wetsuit, emotive declarations punctuated by Human League drum machines, and a fight over Honda scooter catalyzing a social movement? That’s right -- NOTHING! Which is why Cinefamily is thrilled to present an ultra-rare screening of the unjustly obscure, feminist-flavored juggernaut The Legend Of Billie Jean. Billie Jean just wants what’s fair: for the bullies that trashed her brother’s scooter to pay for the repairs. But her attempt to collect avalanches into a series of worse injustices that send her, and her gang of teen runaways (including Yeardley “Lisa Simpson” Smith), on the lam. Her quest of justice incites a full-on teenage revolution and poises Billie Jean as a modern day messiah for wayward girls everywhere. Jammed with wall-to-wall synth-pop from the likes of Billy Idol and Pat Benatar, Billie Jean is the empowering, hilarious, and all-together awesome ‘80s epic that Makes A Difference. So get those fists in the air! ‘Cause fair is fair!

On top of that, Helen Slater will make a special appearance for a Q & A after the film. Plus, Cinefamily is giving away free "Billie Jean style" haircuts at the door and anyone who participates gets early entry and free admission. Unbelievable!

Tickets $12