Thursday, January 17, 2013


I don't know about you, but seeing this and knowing it exists makes me feel really good inside. To this day, the British metal and tea-guzzeling warriors Iron Maiden still have the most brilliant t-shirts of any musical unit. But this one might be their crowing achievement.

The front features the band's signature crude dude Eddie, who's been transformed into Sonny Crockett - complete with slacks, loafers, his 72' Ferrari Daytona Spyder and pet alligator, Elvis. The back features an explosive babe sizzling in the Florida heat with "Vice is Nice" dripping in cold-blood-red font. The shirt has a comfortable buy it now amount of $700.00 on eBay (30% off, marked down from $1,000.00)! If I still had access to TNUC's Swiss bank account I'd buy every one of them and sell them in the TNUC Chop Shop.

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Marko said...

This shirt is fucking incredible! TNUC I know you have a soft spot for killer Sax, well check this track out. You won't regret it!