Wednesday, November 16, 2011


I have come to realize after listening to Mitch Murder's new effort Current Events that this man is a Spirit Warrior. Meaning he evokes the spirit of the time period in which his music is associated with so well, with such authenticity, while bashing and thrashing through the mundane, dull, generic bargain bin of music that passes through so many social networks at a dime a dozen.

This album, much like his prior releases, doesn't beat around the 1980's bush (or muff for that matter). Meaning that Mitch doesn't hint or tease around at the sound he's emulating. He cuts right to the core. If what you've been looking for in this genre is to be teleported to an era of the utmost lushest synths, galloping bass-lines and sparkling production, then you've scored the jackpot.

'Night Train'

Keeping up with his soundtrack sound, you'll hear tracks that sound like they've been specially crafted by some monk far up in the misty Himalayan mountains which were then privately flown to a dojo in the Valley for training purposes. Other tracks will bring you on late night stakeouts, essential for driving around tailing Miami's hottest new Colombian drug-runner. Furthermore, he manages to hit you with a big emotional rush at sometime during the duration of each track.

The only fault I can find with Mitch Murder is that currently his albums are only available digitally. A stunning record like Current Events needs to be a tangible one. Yet another reason why I urge you to pick up this release, because supporting an artist like this will gain more momentum for some corporate sleaze to realize this needs to be released on CD or Vinyl. But for the time being, pick up Current Events on iTunes or Amazon.


Patrick Alsobrook said...

But TNUC, CD's won't be around in a year!
Vinyl will be the only physical medium from 2013 and onward - besides special editions. Amazing that it's going to be "cool" to release your music on a CD. I love digital distribution and having large libraries on small devices, but I also love the tangible nature of an artist's creation. Simple economics I guess... Just purchased the album though!

Anonymous said...


Thanks for sharing this amazing artist TNUC!!!

Steve said...

It's another great LP from Mitch, very much in keeping with the style of Burning Chrome. Any ideas when he will release the tracks he collaborated on with Kristine on vocals? Summer of Heat is a tune!