Thursday, November 18, 2010


New full length album out December 13, 2010
Limited to 500 copies

TNUC is pressed for time at the moment, so we'll let the music do the talking. Usually a smart idea when it comes to listening to a new record from Steve Moore. Stream two tracks from this release:


Sat Nov 13
Brooklyn Bowl
Brooklyn, NY
(opening for Psychic Paramount and Maserati)

Bowling, Beers, Babes and Sheer Terror!

The patrons inside the Brooklyn Bowl thought they were just out for another night of fun, laughter, and live music.....the ones that survived will never forget that terrifying evening.

It was just another typical fall saturday night at the alley. The bar was packed, the lounge was occupied by beautiful women, and the lanes were crowded with bowlers and onlookers. The dance floor in front of the stage was packed with all walks of life displaying their favorite dance moves. As the house music faded and lights dimmed to a faint glow, a certain unease filled the air. The silhouette of a man crept out from the shadows of the stage and took a seat behind an array of keyboards. The sounds that began unfolding out of these machines stopped the patrons and bowlers dead in their tracks.

The unnerving sounds and pulsating rhythms were being produced by none other than Steve Moore himself. Instead of performing songs from his vast catalogue, Moore created one long movement that was equal parts Unsolved Mysteries and dance floor worthy. Some were so frightened they could not move and others became possessed by the beat. Either way, he captivated the alley by inducing the people in a trance.

Here at Camp TNUC we are big supporters of Steve Moore and all his efforts, but can you imagine the people who had no idea what they were about to experience?! Even as a fan you can never be too sure......I'm sure a few high games were jeopardized and first dates became real creepy. However this is right up our alley (no pun-intended)

I wonder if he considered playing the soundtrack to the bowling horror film, 'Gutterballs', as his alter-ego Gianni Rossi?

-Guest Author: Jared Haselton a.k.a. Relax English

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Amazing record.

Thanks for sharing!